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An Amazing Lady Named Bunda Yati

bundayatiThis is the 5th round of Arisan Link in group 6. This Arisan Link is a great idea of Blogger Perempuan Network, where we share knowledge of blogging, expand our network, make new friends along the way.

Twice a month, every member of the group must review a person and her blog which also listed in the group, and in this 5th round, the name of Bunda Yati came out as the lucky one to be reviewed. 

Just like any other member in group 6, I didn’t know anybody. I only knew few of their names since we were in the same network or community. But Bunda Yati is quite a story for me. It’s not everyday that you got to see a well-aged lady actively participate in the group’s time line. Today I saw her attending an event, and the other day she wrote an article for a competition. I admired her spirit so much.

She is at her 77 this year. I cannot even wrap my head how she managed to do all things that she did at this age. She is a mother of 5 children, and a grandmother of 4. I looked up to her Facebook photos, and all I can see are happiness and caring. She is loved and respected by her children, and also her fellow bloggers. It is not a secret how I and other bloggers respected and inspired by her, she truly is a picture of how we all want to spend our old age in the future, still healthy, happy, and grateful.

I may not know her in person, but reading her blog Miscellaneous, makes me feel bursted with so many positive energy. Bunda Yati started this blog in 2009, and looking to it’s blog archive, she is one consistent writer. Since my consistency of writing is swinging up and down, looking up to her blog is really a booster. Her writing varies in topics; event reports, competition articles, fiction, cooking recipes, gardening, and also her life as a mother an a grandmother. She is not afraid to keep updated with recent issue and she makes every story counts.

I read her article about her 70th birthday, each sentences written makes me feel touched. I remember my mother and it makes me think, what have I done for her? Do I make her happy? Bunda Yati’s story is a reminder for me to cherish every moments with my mother even more.

One thing if I may suggest to Bunda Yati is her font type and size are not constant, it also happened to me many times. We usually write in MSWord, OpenOffice, or any writing platform before we just copy paste it to our new post in our blog. It may not be synchronized correctly with our blog’s default font and size. In my case, I usually use a preformatted style before I edit the articles. It gave me chances to edit or beautify my articles in terms of format and style.

Thank you, Bunda, for inspiring me, may I have the courage and spirit like you!

PS: I specially write this post in English in honoring her job as an English Instructor. Hope I don’t make many mistakes in my writing. 🙂

16 thoughts on “An Amazing Lady Named Bunda Yati

  1. Susan, I am so proud of you. Your English even much better than my English, in terms of grammar, vocabulary and the way the sentences built. I wish I could write in English as good as you. My predicate as English Instructor is too much, my dear. I am only an ordinary teacher who wants to help a fatherless children to know English better. Thank you for your flattering me, Susan. And thank you for your good English in your blogpost.


  2. Jadi sedih huhhhuhuu

    I remember my mother and it makes me think, what have I done for her? Do I make her happy?

    YES!!! She’s happy. Siapa oma ngga happy liat dua cucu lucu gitu hihihihi. Aku juga suka bertanya2 gitu dlm hati ttg mama. Takut banget deh kehilangan mama, tapi dalam kehidupan sehari – hari masih suka ngga nurut sama mama hahahhahaha.

    Aku macam ketampar hahahhahahah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aku rasa tiap anak emang gitu ya ros..
      Ntar deh kalo udah jadi emak2 baru ngerasain perjuangan Mama kita dulu…
      Ayookk…kita seneng2in Mama kitaaaa..


  3. Blog bunda Yati membakar semangat kita kan?
    Salut banget loh aku sama beliau. Makanya kalo aku rada males ngeblog langsung inget bunda Yati, maluuu *tutup muka


  4. Mbakkk… kece amat sik. Nulisnya pake bahasa inggris. Aku englishnya grotal-gratul, wkwkwk…


  5. Aw! Such a nice idea for making that kind of arisan! Great post anyway 💕. Semoga bunda yati selalu sehat 😘


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