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First Steps

Here you are, my son…
On your 43 weeks living underneath my wings
You made your first steps
You will forget this moment
But never will I

These steps, my son… will be the start of your journey
The beginning of your walk
The starting line of your run
It may not be easy like these first days
You tremble, you fear, you fall
You hesitate, you try, you succeed

From one step to five steps
You don’t stop…and never stop

You did fall
You did get hurt
But you get up and walk again

Be strong, my son…
There will be whole lot more like these first steps of yours
There will be times when you doubt yourself
Have faith like I have in you
Have courage like I believe in you

I will always be around like the moon
Watching and guiding you
Soar, my son…like the shining stars.

  – Mom
Home, 29 February 2016


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