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Dear Love,


I’m happy to share my life with you

I’m proud to have you as a spouse

I’m totally in love with you every day

Since morning until night comes

Since Monday to Sunday

Since January to December

Each and every year

But honey…still…

You are not my everything

You can’t be my everything

I can’t talk to you about KISS

Coz you like Backstreet Boys

I can’t share my likings in Queens

Coz you love Michael Buble

I can’t share thoughts about Poison

Coz you sing Air Supply

I talk Journey

And you speak Raisa

Oh honey, just admit it…

I’m also not your everything

I cannot be your everything

No matter how hard I tried to fit in

I can’t be in the kitchen baking with you

I can’t be in the salon pampering the body with you

I just don’t do those things

We had our differences

We had our own things

But those differences makes me love you more

Those own things makes me feel complete

Believe me, honey…

Eventhough I’m not your everything

And you are not mine

On top of those things, those differences…

Only you, are the most important thing in my life

Only you that matters most

Home, 3 February 2015 – 1415


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